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Stevenson's Treasure

WATCH A VIDEO RECORDING of the author's talk at the San Francisco Library about Stevenson’s Treasure and the process of writing the book by clicking THIS LINK.

HEAR A PODCAST of Mark’s discussion of “Stevenson’s Treasure” on Capital Public Radio’s “Insight” program with host Beth Ruyak by clicking THIS LINK.


Capsule: In 1879 Robert Louis Stevenson embarked on one of the most romantic, ill-advised but wildly successful quests a literary figure has ever made. Young, unknown, and in failing health, he journeyed six-thousand arduous miles from Scotland to California to make Fanny Osbourne his wife, despite the fact that she was already married (unhappily), had children, and was ten years older. And yet, from their first meeting, he knew she was the only woman for him. The yearlong journey changed everything in his life, and planted seeds in his imagination that grew into a worldwide bestseller.